• 2015-08-21
    The second meeting of Warsaw community archivist network

    The second integration meeting of the Warsaw community archives network was held on August 20 in the KARTA Center. Guests visited the place and got to know the organization plans concerning the development ...more

  • 2015-07-15
    The community archives (CAs) around the world. The KARTA Center post-conference publication.

    The archives run by non government organizations exist in every country. There is no cohesive model of cooperation between the state and the community archives,
    while there are many good practices ...more

  • 2015-07-14
    We invite you to consult the key metters of the community archives.

    The community archivists work out its position and demands on co-operation with the national archiving and they prepare the text of the Charter of the Community Archivist Principles. If you ...more

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